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Navigating Sports Business

Apr 28, 2021

PepsiCo is one of the most active brands in the world for investing in sponsorships. This week, Justin Toman - Head of Sports Marketing - discusses the strategies behind some of Pepsi's most iconic activations, the importance of aligning sponsorships with business objectives, and what Justin looks for in a potential partner. He is also a former world-class gymnast who competed in the Olympic trials with a torn ACL.



1:50 - Justin’s Gymnastics Background

13:45 - Beating Tom Brady

16:15 - PepsiCo’s Collegiate Sponsorships

17:40 - A cameo from Justin’s daughter/The silver linings of COVID

19:30 - NIL

23:45 - PepsiCo’s Sponsorship Strategy

26:30 - LeBron James & Mtn Dew Rise

28:45 - Water brands driving revenue

31:05 - Aligning sponsorships with business objectives

36:00 - How to partner with PepsiCo

39:15 - Data and Insights 

45:55 - Rapid Fire Questions


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