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Navigating Sports Business

Jul 28, 2021

Episode recorded in June 2021, prior to the ending of Larry Scott's Commissioner term.

Larry Scott - Former Commissioner of the Pac-12 - joins the show to talk about his experience leading a Power 5 conference, including his biggest successes and greatest challenges from the past 12 years on the job.

He and AJ discuss the Pac-12 Network, the reality of NIL, and how we almost saw a Pac-16 super conference in 2010 with the potential additions of Big 12 powerhouses like Texas and Oklahoma.



1:15 - Larry’s background

3:15 - Pac-12 Expansion

11:45 - TV deals & the Pac-12 Network

25:45 - Succeeding at Olympic sports AND football

33:05 - NIL

42:30 - What’s next for Larry Scott?

45:25 - Rapid Fire Questions

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