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Navigating Sports Business

Dec 22, 2021

Oracle is one of the most respected brands in sports marketing. Ariel Kelman - EVP and Chief Marketing Officer - joins the show to highlight his strategy for utilizing sports sponsorships that tell a story.


He shares why Oracle's partnership with Red Bull Racing is a perfect platform to highlight the ways that their technology are utilized by the team. When meeting with potential partners, he always looks for tech-focused organizations that would be utilizing Oracle's services whether or not there was a sponsorship deal in place. 



2:20 - Red Bull Racing/F1

9:25 - Premier League

16:25 - Ariel’s background 

27:00 - Transitioning during COVID-19

33:05  - How to make a deal with Oracle

35:30 - Metaverse

40:20 - Rapid Fire Questions


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