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Navigating Sports Business

Jan 5, 2022

Xavier Gutierrez - President, CEO, & Alternate Governor of the Arizona Coyotes - on his career path from finance, to politics, to the NHL. He shares his experience as the league's first Latino president, and how he plans to market the Coyotes to the Latino community. 


He and AJ also discuss the team's commitment to Arizona, including their 2-billion dollar arena development plan in Tempe. 



1:55 - Being the first Latino president in the NHL

9:55 - Xavier’s background in finance and politics 

26:15 - The Coyotes and sports betting, given they own a casino

28:45 - Building a new arena 

35:35 - The Coyotes commitment to Arizona 

38:10 - Coyotes business practices 

44:30 - Rapid Fire Questions 


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