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Navigating Sports Business

Apr 27, 2022

Earl Santee - Senior Principal & Global Chairman at Populous - is one of the most most well-known and respected stadium designers in the world. As a founder of Populous, he and his team pioneered practices that we take for granted today, like the "skybox" that led directly to the prevalence of luxury suites in modern stadiums. 

He and AJ explore some of his favorite projects he's worked on, and discuss what rapidly-evolving technology means for the future of entertainment gathering spaces likes arenas and ballparks. 


9:40 - Looking back

13:15 - The future of stadiums

24:55 - Food & beverage

31:20 - Collegiate Athletics

36:10 - Rapid Fire Questions


Books mentioned in the show:

Future Shock, by Alvin Toffler

The Algorithmic Leader by Mike Walsh

Age Power by Ken Dychtwald


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