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Navigating Sports Business

May 11, 2022

Lorien Parry Luehrs - President & COO of HomeTown Ticketing - joins the show to discuss how digital ticketing is changing the game for high school sports and other community events. With 865M tickets sold each year, K-12 events (including sports and other events) account for 60% of ticket sales in the U.S. - pro sports sell about 200M for comparison.


HomeTown Ticketing is the market leader in digital ticketing for K-12 schools and colleges, and offers benefits beyond ticketing such as improved security, push notification marketing, and access to important game day data. 


Together they dive into the digital ticketing space, and highlight the growth and impact HomeTown Ticketing is making in the space. 




11:00 - COVID as an accelerant 

12:55 - Lorien’s background

28:00 - HomeTown Ticketing

42:15 - The impact of technology on high school events

45:20 - Rapid Fire Questions


Books and TED Talks Mentioned:


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