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Navigating Sports Business

Sep 14, 2022

Catie Griggs - President of Business Operations for the Seattle Mariners - joins the show for an insightful conversation about increasing the popularity of baseball among young fans. She and AJ discuss her time at Atlanta United, the exciting Mariners stars including Julio Rodriguez, and what the MLB All-Star game will mean for the city of Seattle in 2023.


Catie also shares how she went to T-Mobile Park incognito to observe the fan experience when she first joined the organization. AJ points out that Adrian Hanauer, Majority Owner of the Seattle Sounders, takes the same approach to undercover data-gathering, so it's a proven strategy in the Seattle sports market. 



1:40 - Catie’s Time at Atlanta United

3:35 - Going undercover at Mariners games

12:10 - The next generation of Baseball fans

14:10 - Catie’s background

17:55 - MLB All-Star Game coming to Seattle

23:15 - Future of the Mariners

27:35 - Rapid Fire Questions


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