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Navigating Sports Business

Oct 19, 2022

Ben Abbott - Ph.D scientist and Assistant Professor of Ecosystem Ecology at BYU - joins the show for a special episode as he shares facts behind climate change, and how the sports industry is already being impacted.


As a close friend to AJ, they discuss what we can do as an industry, and as individuals to work towards a more sustainable future.



1:55 - Sports as a unifier 

6:20 - What can be do to fight climate change?

15:45 - Climate Pledge Arena

21:05 - Stadiums and transportation impacting ecology

24:45 - More recommendations for sports

30:50 Rapid Fire Questions



Electrify Everything, by Julian Bell

Short Circuiting Energy Policy, by Leah Stokes


Joule article on economic impact of renewable energy

Joro - an app for tracking your carbon footprint


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