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Navigating Sports Business

Jan 20, 2021

Steve Loy is the longtime agent and business partner to golfer Phil Mickelson, one of the highest earning professional athletes of all time. Known by "Coach" to many, Loy began his relationship with Mickelson while recruiting him to play for his golf team at Arizona State.

His conversation with AJ includes a history of how he transitioned from coach to agent, his strategy for succeeding in business, and his opinions on the current state of professional golf.



0:00 - Coach’s résumé

4:45 - Negotiating endorsement deals

12:55 - Recruiting Phil Mickelson 

17:30 - Turning pro

23:30 - “Never invest in the business you’re in” 

30:00 - Coach’s background

37:10 - How would you change the PGA?