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Navigating Sports Business

Apr 19, 2023

Joe Moglia went from being an assistant football coach, to being the CEO of TD Ameritrade, and then back to DI football as the Head Coach at Coastal Carolina, before transitioning to his current role as Chair of Athletics and Executive Advisor to the President.

It's certainly an unorthodox career path, but Joe shares how his coaching experience made him a better businessman, and vice versa.


2:20 - Key issues in collegiate athletics

14:00 - Joe’s background

27:15 - Transitioning from Wall St back to coaching

36:20 - The highs and lows of football and business

39:15 - Transfer rules

43:15 - Conference realignment

48:00 - Rapid Fire Questions


Joe was in inspiration for one book, and has written 2 himself:


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