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Navigating Sports Business

Jul 12, 2023

Kara Nortman - Founder of Angel City FC and Managing Partner of Monarch Collective - on how she, Natalie Portman, Julie Uhrman, and others founded Angel City FC and why she's optimistic about the future of the NWSL and women's sports in general.


Angel City accounted for 38.75% of all NWSL revenue in 2022 according to SBJ. Kara and Jeff Nelson discuss that figure and what it means for the long-term health of the NWSL. Kara details some of the ways that her team is collaborating with other clubs to increasing league-wide revenue.



2:25 - Monarch Collective

7:10 - The rise of women’s sports

11:10 - The origins of Angel City FC

20:00 - ACFC’s success

36:30 - Rapid Fire Question


Listen to our 2021 interview with Angel City Co-Founder and President Julie Uhrman, here:

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