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Navigating Sports Business

Aug 23, 2023

For the 75th episode of Navigating Sports Business, Shawn Quill - National Sports Industry Leader at KPMG - discusses KPMG's unique role in sports as both a brand sponsor, and as an agency, working with properties on tax consulting as well as other more niche business challenges.


Shawn also shares his thoughts on which sports and leagues make the most compelling targets for sponsors and private equity investors, including the NWSL and soccer in general. KPMG has a significant history of investing in women's sports, especially when it comes to women's golf and the LPGA.



1:50 - KPMG’s role in sports

9:20 - Sponsorship decisions

16:30 - Shawn’s background

23:05 - KPMG’s investments in women’s sports

27:55 - Other investments in sports

32:00 - Private equity in sports

38:30 - Mistakes to avoid when pitching a partner

40:15- Rapid Fire Questions


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