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Navigating Sports Business

Oct 18, 2023

John Koller - Global CMO at HP - leads marketing and sponsorship for one of the original Silicon Valley brands. His career path has taken him through some of the most innovative sides of our industry, including stops at Twitch, Hard Rock, and PlayStation. He joins Jeff Nelson to discuss how that varied experience is helping him now at HP, and what he envisions for the future of tech in sports.


Sports betting, AI, and gaming are some of the hottest topics in our industry, and John has first-hand experience with each of them.



2:45 - John’s role at HP

12:45 - John’s career journey

17:10 - Lessons from success

20:00 - The power of Twitch

27:30 - Sports betting and John’s time at Hard Rock

37:15 - AI in Sports

41:25 - Rapid Fire Questions


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