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Navigating Sports Business

Feb 16, 2022

Mid-American Conference Commissioner, Jon Steinbrecher, gives us the G5 perspective on all of the hot topics we're seeing in college sports. 


Jon has been a conference Commissioner since 1994, making him the second longest-tenured Commissioner at the FBS level. He has been in the room when major decisions have been made regarding NIL, the-time transfer exception, CFP expansion, and more. He and AJ Maestas discuss all of the above, as well as talking about what makes the MAC such a fun and unique conference. 



1:30 - The state of college athletics

9:15 - #MACtion & Fly the Flag

17:40 - NIL & the future of the NCAA

30:20 - Sports betting in college sports

36:15 - CFP Expansion

42:45 - Rapid Fire Questions


Check out MAC's Fly The Flag campaign. 


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