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Navigating Sports Business

Feb 17, 2021

Luke Bould, Director at Alacria, has been recognized as one of the top CMOs in Australia. He has had enormous success in bringing new generations of sports fans to cricket and soccer. He also played a role in Australia's successful bid to host the upcoming FIFA Women's World Cup in 2023.

He and AJ discuss strategies for marketing to a younger audience, the impact that sports gambling will have on the American sports business, and how the U.S. may be on the path to becoming an even more crowded marketplace for sports content.



1:25 - Luke’s Background

8:05 - Cricket Australia and the Big Bash

12:25- The Australian sports marketplace

20:33 - The next generation of sports fans

43:40 - Monetizing sports gambling

49:40 - About Alacria 

51:45 - Rapid Fire Questions