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Navigating Sports Business

Mar 24, 2021

As an NFL player, DI Athletic Director, and now the President & CEO of the Green Bay Packers, Mark Murphy has experienced the sports industry from all sides.

His interview with guest host Jeff Nelson - Navigate President and lifelong Packers fan - explores a wide range of topics that include NFL labor relations, winning a Super Bowl, and appealing to the next generation of NFL fans.



3:30 - NFC Championship Game

6:45 - Mark’s career background

12:45 - Labor relations in the NFL

20:40 - Winning a Super Bowl

24:10 - What’s next for the Mark and the Packers?

24:55 - The impact of being a publicly owned team

28:20 - Changes due to COVID-19 

30:00 - Sports betting

31:20 - The next generation of NFL fans

36:05 - Analytics

37:25 - Rapid Fire Questions