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Navigating Sports Business

Nov 24, 2021

Julie Uhrman - Co-Founder & President of Angel City FC - joins Jeff Nelson to discuss the powerful mission behind the club, and the reasons why they're poised for success on and off the pitch.

Julie shares stories from her career, including the entrepreneurial drive that motivated her to buy and operate the campus laundry service while she was an undergrad at Washington University in St. Louis. She also talks about overcoming challenges like COVID-19 and the recent string of scandals across the NWSL. 



1:45 - The founding of ACFC

11:35 - Julie’s background

18:45 - The impact of COVID-19

21:45 - Tips for hiring 

28:15 - The crowded LA sports marketplace

30:40 - NWSL Scandal 

35:05 - Rapid Fire Questions

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