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Navigating Sports Business

Jun 15, 2022


Christy Hedgpeth - President of Playfly Sports Properties - and Michael Schreiber - Founder & CEO of Playfly - are the guests for our first ever double interview.


They discuss Playfly's role in the marketplace, and its position among the competition. Michael explains how their goal is to provide a national sales network, as well as best-in-class technology and innovation, to teams and clubs at the local level. 


Christy provides further detail on how Playfly Sports Properties is advancing the MMR space for collegiate and high school clients. 


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1:35 - Breaking down Playfly Sports

18:00 - Christy’s background as a national champion

23:25 - Mike’s background at Hulu and beyond

30:00 - Differentiating Playfly from the competition

35:45 - What’s next

46:15 - Rapid Fire Questions